We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers and go the extra mile. We are more than just a company, we are enthusiasts, just like you. Here is a quick excerpt from one of our customers. For car specific testimonials click on the link by the car.

big kudos to Eurocharged!

what tuner would invite you over to their home, just 15 minutes after returning from a business trip, and have a Stage 2 flash in hand ready to go?

Big thanks to Jake@Eurocharged for hooking me up in Chicago, and giving my car a little more top end, a little more aggressive turbo spool up, all with a smile and patience with the Audi ECU (which tries to shut down every two minutes in an anti-reflash defense mechanism).

On service alone, they’re the go-to ECU tuners, period.

– kismetcaptain

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Eurocharged RS6

I just got my ECU flashed by Eurocharged….. I cannot say enough about what this flash has done for the performance of my RS6. Today my mechanic reinstalled my ECU and TCU after sending the ECU to Eurocharged and the TCU to MTM, and it was like i was putting my key into a new car. The acceleration is literaly breathtaking, and the transmission shifts so fast and so crisp. Anyone who does not have their ECU flashed by Eurocharged i highly reccomend it, it is without a doubt the most economical way to get the most out of your car. To tell you the truth i was kind of skeptical going into this, i really didnt think that a reprogrammed ECU could give my car close to 100 more bhp. I am now eating my words and embarassed for doubting their capabilities. I owe it all to Dave Hall, he was able to answer all of my questions and really helped me to talk my self into doing this. Jerry with Eurocharged was also awesome, he can answer any questions, is extremely accessable, and a really good guy. I am another satisfied Eurocharged customer.

– FlipRS6

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Big fan of eurocharged too! I have had the ecu/tcu flashed for 3weeks now and the beast is nasty. Jerry is a great guy. That’s why I am flashing the S8 with a eurocharge tune, hopefully tonight

– speedtrapped

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3 things: Kyle’s car is a very healthy stock RS6. The specified and actual boost were spot on, and it posted excellent numbers.

I had no idea that my Eurocharged tune made this much power. That’s 528 ft/lbs at the wheels….Holy smokes. How could you buy anything else? Is it worth it to buy the revo so you can screw around with some knobs? Or the APR so you can yank at your blinker stalk? I’m sold.

The third thing: On the second run for both Kyle and myself, we lost about 20-30 hp due to heat soak. By simply misting the intercoolers with a simple pump spray bottle of water before the third pull, we each gained 25-30 hp over the second run.

– V8weight

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Eurocharged Today!

Me oh my……..put the mtm TCU in yesterday and thought ‘wow’ feels like a new car. Shifts are quicker and smoother. Holds gear longer, just feels right.

Got the Eurocharge flash in today….thought ‘oh my heavens’…this is just sick…

No vag numbers yet, but stop watch and gut tell me it is down in the 4.1-4.2 range. But that is not the real story. Forget 0-60 times.

The real story is the 2nd and 3rd gear pull that feels like a freight train. I have driven just about everything out there, not sure that I have felt this from anything other than a 599, and maybe a new 997 TurboS.

So much faster than my V8 Vantage its funny. Literally feels scary from 30 up to the shift point.

Would love to see some 30-70 numbers.


– Stephencl

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The EC tune performance scares me. Really, it’s a 2 ton street rocket.

– marklar182

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EuroCharged Tune Review

Hey everyone, a couple weeks ago i posted asking which i should get; EuroCharged Tune vs BMS powerbox.

I have a 2008 328i AT so i have the horrible throttle lag, hopefully the eurocharged tune gets rid of it!

I went with EuroCharged and i ordered the MyGenius Unit with it.

Seth, Hooy, and Jerry (owner) were very great and quick at responding to my questions. They seem to really love there job and it shows. Anyway, Houston had a flood and the very next day they still had the units shipped out, i was amazed!

A few days later i recieved my unit (yesterday). Very well packaged.

Only thing i didn’t like is there were NO written instructions. They are online though. They aren’t the clearest instructions but hey, they do the job.

The First Drive….

Okay, so i was extremely eager to get this tune installed. It really caught my attention because of the MyGenius, where i can flash it whenever i need to, in my own garage.

Once Jerry sent me back my file i uploaded it to the MyGenius which only took a couple minutes. The reading of the ECU took an hour, so i was hoping the writing of the modified file would take less (from what i was told)…It did! It Only took about 10-15 minutes to write the new tune to my ECU.

At this point.. i was well, jumping for joy hahaha..
Started the car, everything was perfect, no errors, no warning lights..perfect
Now, I have an AT so at first i just had it in the “D” Mode waiting for the engine to warm up, and the throttle response seemed a little bit better, nothing too great though. (now i can’t really say to much about “D” mode because i am never really in that mode, even before the tune..)

A few minutes into the drive, once the car warmed up i got up to a stop sign and popped her in Manual mode..My favorite

Put her in first gear and slowly started off, got up to about 2.5-3k and gunned it…I can’t remember if the wheels were chirping but i know thats the first time my 328i threw my head back

The love for my 328i is now renewed. Now, before the tune (sorry for keep on going back and forth haha) The car really didn’t have to much top end strength. The rpm band is changed the most, i think. It pulled hard all the way up until red line just about. Second gear kept putting a smile on my face, it felt like a completely different car!

Overall, I am super happy with the changes the tune made to my car. It fixed some of the throttle lag, i noticed that especially in Manual mode. It is definitly quicker and pulls throughout the RPM band. It goes smoothly too, it isn’t jumpy or anything like that. It’s really fun to drive, and i only got to drive it 45 minutes or so and it was dark..hopefully tomorrow i can experiment a little bit more.

I’m glad i went with the EuroCharged Tune instead of the powerbox. I can switch to the stock tune if i ever need to go into service or something like that. Unfortunately I don’t have a dyno close to where i live so i wont have a way to know how much hp/tq i actually gained, but either way it puts a smile to my face. Jerry and Seth were great to work with, and they put up with my anxiousness…..haha

Seth Answered all of my questions within 30 minutes max, i was amazed…..it shows they love what they do

– milly

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Great guys @ Eurocharged

First some info:
My car is a 08 auto 335i e90, has 58,3XX miles, 2nd HPFP replaced @ 38,123, upgraded dme @ 38,123, and replaced 5 injectors @ 45,185 miles.

vanguard exhaust and aFe drop in filter. (will get aftermarket FMIC and maybe dp’s later)

Only tunes I can compare with Eurocharged is the SSTT and JB+. While the piggybacks gave a nice increase in power, it wasn’t smooth as the Eurocharged tune.
With the piggybacks i would up/downshift in DS and it would jerk most of the time, but Eurocharged feels very smooth and more powerful than I expected.

The gains were very noticeable, straight linear increase in power all the way which really impressed me.

Reason for going this route was because i did not want to go through the hassles of installing anything and wanted something tuned personally by someone instead of a generic map out there.

I am on 11.8lb of boost, and dyno’d on a low-reading dyno dynamics. so numbers will be a low.

– BillLee

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Eurocharged Custom Tune — Naturally Aspirated E90

If you’re thinking about getting an engine tune after a bit of mod work, read this. On a humbug, I got my tune at a “Dyno Day” by Eurocharged Performance in Houston, TX.

For starters, I have a 2006 330i, six speed tranny, with a Magnaflow #16539 cat back exhaust (~$670 including shipping from ebay), the euro N52 air box from ECS (~$420), and the Sprint Booster. Everything else in the power train is stock. I weighed the pros and cons of a custom vs. generic tune and preferred a tune customized for my engine rather than an off-the-shelf tune that’s generalized for any engine of its type. So, maybe I’m fortunate to live in Houston where there are a number of choices.

In mid-December (2011) I went to “Dyno Day” at M-Power sports in Houston, just planning to see what a few local vendors had to offer. But, when my man Hooy told me that Eurocharged had recently tuned his 328i showing an increase over his previous generic tune, I decided to take the plunge.

So here’s how the tune went. Jerry (master mind of Eurocharged) dynoed my car before and after the tune. The results of the tune were a 13 hp improvement and about 10 ft-lb increase in torque. The attached dyno chart shows the before and after runs of 210.9 hp before the tune and 223.9 hp after. These numbers represent the best run of three in each case, both before the tune and after — not the lowest of three runs before tuning to the highest run of three after tuning, which would inflate the numbers. I actually stood at the dyno machine and watched each curve being formed as Jerry ran my car on the dynomometer.

I admit that when I first saw the final chart I thought the gains were rather modest, but acceptable for a normally aspirated car (no turbo or super charger force-feeding my little graphite philly). However, when I drove the car after the tune, I was absolutely awed by the hasty/(umm, nasty) acceleration. I immediately noticed my car’s no nonsense attitude. At the nearest three lane passage, I let my newly tuned engine devour a stretch of road. First, I slowed the car down to creep speed, and with a down shift, I launched it. 1st gear was but a quick grunt followed by a throaty howl in 2nd gear. Seuuuwy! Looka here, the grey goose just straight up hauled @ss until I was reading the bumper sticker of the car I thought just a moment ago had a two block lead on me.

13 HP increase might not sound like a much. But, I’d guess it’s the torque on the low end that really makes the difference. The torque gain was about 10 ft-lbs over a fairly wide range. Jerry had told me that the increase in power and torque would be a nice kick when coupled with the manual tranny – and let me tell ya, he was right! Now back to the driving experience. I turned a U-ey to go back to the shop, this time allowing more clear space between me and the traffic ahead. I then made a full throttle charge and actually chirped the tires (for the first time) when shifting into second gear and again into third gear… and this was with the DTC function engaged to limit wheel spin.

Mine eyes have witnessed (the glory of the coming of) the speedometer as it surged to the underside of 60 mph in 2nd gear. Thanks to Eurocharged, I now comprehend, first-hand, the meaning of a sub 6.0 second, 0 to 60 mph acceleration (yeah me, with my wife-chauffeuring, Home Depot material hauling, Christmas tree toting, mid-life crisis having) daily driver. The trick, I discovered, is that I need shift only once to get to highway speed. Yep, I could have turned 60 mph in 2nd gear, easily.

It goes without saying, the car’s performance turned out to be better than I thought 13 added ponies could offer. I believe the usable power for my style is in the 2600 to 5400rpm range. There’s good low end torque for launching from first and second gears and the power just keeps coming in the motor’s higher rpm range.

Now, if I could just find some uncluttered pavement ‘round Houston I’d break free and kick a little @ssphault.

Well, that’s the rap. If you want your car to bring back the grin you had when you first bought it, call the tunemaster Jerry at Eurocharged. He can hook you up. If you don’t believe me, axe Hooy.

Oh, and there are a few authorized dealers in a few cities across the US, and some on other continents, too. Look ‘em up. They’re on the ‘net.

– Smoove

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get the eurocharged tune, highly recommended!

– redlinebimmer

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I’m talking to both of you guys – trust me, you will love the tune!!!

– Hooy

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I got the eurocharged tune on my 06 330i and have been blown away. A LOT smoother than the pbx and you can definitely feel the power. Car feels like it almost has a completely new transmission and pulls harder throughout the entire rpm range. Get the Tune, highly recommend it!

– ramirez330i

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Eurocharged 08′ 328i tune review

So I’ve been on the fence for a while now about whether or not to get a tune for my car, it’s hard to judge how much you will gain from one as everyone’s opinions in reviews are different. I just decided to get it done especially since I found Jake, a local Eurocharged tuner who could take care of everything without me having to mail in my ecu. It took a little over an hour to get everything set up, and my only other mod to this car, engine related, was an injen intake. As soon as we were done we took the car out for some pulls and the tune far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t want to let off the gas pedal, the car just begs to be driven harder now in all gears. Of course I had to stop by each of my car buddies houses and give them all rides and even they all were impressed. I’m just everytime I need to go somewhere now.

– redlinebimmer

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Different Direction (Update)

Back on 26 Nov 10 I posted a thread title (Different Direction), now that I have made turn I would like to update you on my action. After removing the JB+ I jump into my 2008 BMW 535i and headed to Houston, TX. Where I was to meet with in my opion the best tuner in the country, Jerry Thornton. Jerry is with a company called EuroCharged, located in the MotorWerks Of Houston bulding. I arrived at Jerry’s shop at 9:00am on 30 Nov 10 and he went right to work on my bimmer. He strap the car down on the dyno and start doing what he dose best. To make a long story short at the end of the day, Jerry had made the 400 mile drive worth while. The last dyno run had my bimmer @ 303.6 HP at the rear wheel and 384 lbs.of Trq. See dyno test sheet. I will try to insert in htis message but if not, see the sheets in my photo album. (New to this) I. have done the Dinan and JB+ thing and they are good, not trying to knock them. I did the Dinan thing with my other BMW, felt it more in the wallet than in the seat. JB+ is priced right if you want the plug and play option. For my money it’s EuroCharged. The price is right for the quality product that you get. The biggest thing that impressed me about Jerry, he is not selling bimmer products and he’s driving a Benz or some other brand. He drives a full growm M5.

– fhargraves

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LET Motorsport Flash Stage 1 – First to dyno on this side of the States!

Today wasn’t the greatest day to dyno a car, here is why:

Ambient temp was around 70F
Humidity was a power destroying 86%!!!

average for the area is 62%

Which explains the lower than average numbers produced. However the delta is what we are truely after here.

The car: A 2008 E92 coupe with manual transmission
Modification: None



228.7 hp
271.6 tq

LET Stage 1:

268.6 hp
298.8 tq

The LET Flash Stage 1 made 40 more hp and 27 more ft/lb of torque at peak than stock.

In the curve, it made 44 more hp! and 37 more ft/lb! of torque, great numbers for a flash running 11.7 psi of boost.

During some back to back dyno runs we saw significant drop in both hp and tq, heat soak of the stock intercooler was the cause here. We lost 18 hp and 12 ft/lb of torque at peak. In the curve, we lost 24 hp and 22 ft/lb or torque. By adding a nice intercooler, such as the Code3 Spearco unit will solve this heat soaking issue.

– HP Autowerks

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Hey guys, here is my update as promised…

Car : 2008 E92
Mod : none (except LET stage 1 flash)

A little background of myself :
Honestly, I’m not a mechanic. I’m just a guy with a 335 and a few hundred dollars in my pocket that wants to go faster without all the hassles, calculations, worries about messing up your car, etc…

D Day:
Harold agreed me to meet me half way @ a dyno facility. Plan was to run a dyno before and after the flash. With the dyno delays set aside, the whole flash process took ONE hour. 40 mins to read/scan your car, 5 mins delay for flash file being sent over via email, and 15 mins to flash your car. Harold simply plug his hand-held device to my ECU and that was it!!

To me the whole process was pain free, and the results was “jaw-dropping.” Very smooth acceleration was my first reaction, along with much more power. I felt as if the car was a lot lighter, and it also responds faster. Once again, sorry for the lame terminologies if they were not “technical” enough. Warranty issue is only a flash or 15 mins away in case your going back to dealer for any service.

I am deeply satisfy with the LET flash, and also the service that Harold @ HP Autowerks provided.

Would I recommend LET over ESS or other flashes or piggys? That I can not answer, because the deal did not go thru with them. But LET and Harold did set a very high standard for others to beat. =)

I will have a follow up in a few days to let you guys know the MPG gain/loss.

– 2008E92

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The best upgrade we did was a new tune from L.E.T. Motorsports (Eurocharged). The upgraded boost and fuel/timing maps turned the car into a rocket. Merging onto the freeway is now a fun process thanks to our engine modifications.

– Wheelsto

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i have the LET flash and LOVE IT.

absolutely LOVE IT

– Nebster

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thoughts after receiving my eurocharged ecu tune

so a few weeks ago (at timmayfest) i was the lucky raffel winner and had my e60 tuned by eurocharged. my initial ride home from timmayfest (be it only 10 mins and with the wife and kids in the car) left smiles on my face. the power increase per eurocharged is 25whp and 21wtq with dyno charts to back it up. i can say there is a significant increase in performance as it drives like a differant beast now. they do state there is a less noticible change from p400-p500 but i still press p500 and feel an increase which makes me happy. after driving for a couple of weeks have also noticed a small decrease in gas consumption (diff of 1-1.5mpg) not a whole lot but hey better than nothing. i have yet to try out the speed limit delete as i am waiting to install a new set of rear tires first. will be putting those on next week before my trip down to fla. maybe i can find a long enough straight to try it out. the only complaint i have at this point is that i am now getting used to the extra bit of hp and i’m starting to feel i need something else..thanks eurocharged for starting the mod bug. overall i am pleased with the tune.. i was thinking about getting the dinan tune (local dealer) before this as i did not want to take the ecu out and mail it but i am more than pleased with the eurocharged tunes. as a side note they also offered a hand tuner so that i can go back and forth from stock to tune at my convience. wont have to worry about the stealership deleting my tune.

– chun007007

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I know Jerry over at Eurocharged is a great guy who really stands behind his products.

I would trust Jerry with my car anyday!

– Hunter399

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+1 Jerry tuned my 335. I was very happy with the results and the customer service. I know they are doing a lot in texas.

– J Bone

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Eurocharged Stage II Tune (and programmer) Review

I was initially skeptical about the value of a tune. My E39 M5 buddies told me that the current prices for the E60 M5 tunes were ‘too high’ and would ‘fall soon’. I began to reach out to many of the tuners on the M5board to see if they would explain and answer some of my questions. Of those who I reached out to, Jerry from Eurocharged was not only the most prompt in reply but the most straightforward. I initially had intended to wait till after the winter to get the tune but after talking to Jerry, having him explain the true power of the Eurocharged Stage II tune and hearing his phenomenal price, I decided to pull the trigger.

There are people who understand the mechanics behind tuning and then there’s me. Embarrassed to say this, but when the handheld programmer first arrived en route from Italy I didn’t even know where the OBDII plug was in the M5. That meant another message to Jerry, who not only didn’t laugh at me for my lack of knowledge, but provided an immediate answer. He made himself available via the M5board, email, phone and even phoned me at the office when I asked him to get back to me. It was also important to me to know that Eurocharged not only was a tuner of performance vehicles, but that Jerry himself had an M5 and knew the quirky particulars, the pros and cons we’ve come to love about this machine. The rapport he built, the level of care and quality of both service and products put Eurocharged on the top of my list. After Jerry held my hand through every step of the easy instructions required for the flash tuning, I was ready to get my beast on the road. The weather however, had other plans.

Another blizzard leveled New York City and the M5 sat silent in the garage with her Stage II tune, waiting for an opportunity. She was like ‘Neo’ from the Matrix after having learned Kung Fu, but was waiting for someone to demonstrate her new moves on. A few days above freezing and enough ice had melted to warrant a test drive. We began to inch out of the driveway and something in the exhaust note told me that this would be different than what I had been accustomed to. As the road opened up I gave a slight kick on the accelerator and the response was incredible. The car seemingly knew my intentions before I myself had and the throttle response was practically neurological. The revs jumped up higher than expected and the beast let out a roar! No, it wasn’t a sound declaring that she was back, rather one exclaiming that she had finally been uncaged. The path led us to the nearest expressway and seeing that we had to engage rapid traffic from a standstill, I figured this would be a good test of acceleration. I put the pedal down enough to get her going but released slightly to catch any wheelspin and then throttled down home. The beast tore off with ease and I realized then that I had forgot to press the “M” button to pull up P500S and MDrive. Nonetheless, I figured that for P500 this acceleration was impressive… until I looked down and realized that the power light was off. I was terrified yet excited in the same moment when I discovered that all this ferocity was in the base P400 mode.

So it became then, that P400 felt more like P450, what would P500 feel like? A simple push of the “Power” button and my questions were answered. The beast became ever fiercer except that she had the feeling of P500S aggressiveness. The power difference was immediately more noticeable and the throttle response that much sharper. If P400 was P450, than P500 was P550 or at least it felt like that. I was eager to push the button on the steering wheel with the circle around the “M” but I feared what would come of it. After switching back from P400 to P500 and enjoying this new found power throughout the rev range, I decided it was finally time to push the button. In the next few seconds I had downshifted and begun to accelerate and rev through to 8400 rpm before performing an up shift that felt like it caused a thunderbolt to be released from the heavens. The release of that shift happened with typical M5 quickness but the resulting force from which I left that gear rivaled the power of the gods themselves. Within seconds of my next shift I realized my speed in delight and cautiously released the accelerator. A brand new Porsche Panamera Turbo came over to my passenger side as I proceeded on the highway and felt the need to give me a thumbs up and a smile. He proceeded along and didn’t attempt to push me into a tête-à-tête with him. It was a truce, a feeling of mutual respect and although the numbers may have been in his favor, had we been on a track I would’ve had all the confidence in the world that my new uncaged beast would’ve bested him.

The M5 was not the only thing flying during this test; the time had also come to pass fleetingly. I decided to take the beast home and return her to the shackles of the garage for now, waiting for an even better day to unleash her. I made sure to thank Jerry for all he had done and he had taken all the compliments as a true modest professional would. I was initially skeptical about tuning and performance mods but after this experience I think that both I and my beast have had our eyes opened. Jerry at Eurocharged made that all possible and whereas some would think it proper only to consult with me regarding the issues of the law, I think it fit only to consult Jerry and his expert team at Eurocharged for my beast’s needs.

– KGP,Esq

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E60 M5 Eurocharged Tune!

Hey guys, most recently i upgraded my beast with a Eurcharged tune. And i have to say its been amazing driving my beast with it. I got it done when Jeff came down to Toronto to do the group buy tunes. My beast is so much more responsive now and pulls way harder. You could really tell the difference right away. In P400 mode its like P460 which is nice becuase it doesn’t feel slugish anymore. But P500s turns into like P530s where you could really feel the real increase in power. I am very happy with it and would recommend members with M5’s that are looking for tunes to go with Jeff’s Eurocharged tune. It’s worth every single penny. Thanks Jeff!

Here’s a recent dyno i got done:

EuroCharged Tune+RPi Scoops,Block-Off Plates,BMC Filters+Charcoal filter delete+Eisenmann Section 3 Exhuast
Blue= 4th Gearpull
Red= 5th Gear pull
I could only get the HP numbers because the shop did not know how to hook up my beast the read the TQ numbers

Before all of these mods except the exhaust i was at 416WHP on the same dyno(dynojet). And now with the tune and rpi goodies im at 451WHP. What would this equal out to crank HP and what do you guys think overall about these numbers?

– Mike

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Review: Eurocharged Stage 1 X6 V8TT tune

So I met Jake from Eurocharged at Supercar Saturdays, a local car show held the first saturday of every month. He’s a young guy, a real jokester and as we were talking we established that he is from Eurocharged and that they’ve tuned my car before. He also said that the tune could yield some impressive numbers. That peaked my interest since I no longer drive the M5 and I miss that little pep in my step. Not trying to take anything away from the 4.4L TT but it’s just not an M5. So we talked for a few hours, he gave me his card and I said I’d get into contact with him. I sent out an email and both Jerry and Jake were involved in this process. I sent them payment and then we made plans for Jake to drive to MY house to do the tune there.

Jake came to my house with Andy and we got right down to it. It took a few hours to do, a bit more than we expected…but this wasn’t contributed to any faults from Eurocharged. Since my girlfriend was upset that we were “wasting” a beautiful Saturday at home, Jerry and Jake decided to send my girlfriend some flowers as a consolation. Talk about class!

Fast forward to me driving my car…I can’t stop driving it, 1st thru 3rd gear is sooo much more fun, so much more responsive. The torque seems never ending. As I roll on the throttle in first gear the car just pulls and pulls, I go on the throttle a little more and there is just so much power and torque. Even though it’s only a Stage 1 tune the car feels so much stronger. I didn’t do a before and after dyno just because these numbers don’t mean anything to me. All I know is that it was a small price to pay considering how my car drives now.
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. If anyone is considering doing a tune on their X6 I wouldn’t hesitate at all. These guys will make you feel very secure about your decision and won’t stop trying until you are happy with the results. They’re A+ in my book and have earned my future business.

– Sharpie12

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Eurocharged Dyno-tune Day – Atlanta *results*

I had posted the following to the original “ecu tuning feeler” thread, but since you opened this thread specifically for the results posts, I thought I’d place it here as well…

Just got back from the dyno tuning session with Eurocharged! Wow, what a morning. Got to see some great cars and meet some fantastic people. A special high-five to Tony and Jerry. Nicer guys I’ve not met. And both seem to have a lot of knowledge of the 3.2 Liter S/C Merceded motor. Also met Jason from Buckhead Imports (local Eurocharged affiliate), another fine man, whom I may be doing some business with in the near future. And, of course a big thanks to 32Krazy for getting this together.

Anyway, it was cold, cold this morning (good for the cars, bad for the shivering folks). But the excitement was infectious and soon had everyone a little bit warmer. Everything went smoothly, and cars were moving on and off the dyno in about an hours time. Mine took just a little longer, as the ECU crashed during tuning, and had to be removed to the bench for a re-flash. Then, back in the car, adjust the tune, and wow! What a difference.

So, here are my numbers…

Pre-tune: 299.9 whp
287.3 ft/lbs.

Post-tune: 331.7 whp
330.9 ft/lbs.

So, basically a 31 whp and 43 ft/lbs. increase over just adding the C3 pulley and SL55 intake. I was actually making just a little more HP and Torque than the C32 that was on the dyno ahead of me. Guess I’ll need to invest in rubber stock. Anyone know a good rubber tree plantation for sale?

– Coyote

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Thank you ZAHANAMA, Eurocharged and Krazy House Kustoms…

I will admit (and I am sure most of you know…) I have been super frustrated with my current LET/Eurocharged “tune”, but I will say that Matt/Jerry/Tony from Eurocharged and Brandon from Krazy House Kustoms are doing everything they can in order for this situation to be right. We arrived last night at Krazy House Kustoms around 7:15pm (after hours!) and strapped my car down and did some dyno pulls to try and dial it in. Long story short, the tune I currently had was a mess. A/F was rich (except at the top) and the timing was all over the map. I still managed a decent 340hp and 377tq to the wheels on a Mustang Dyno…..Anyway, I was still going way lean at the top of 3rd and 4th. Few tweaked tunes later we were able to get a decent A/F throughout the RPM band except it kept leaning out at the top still. Hmmmmm, at this point we didn’t think my BAP was working so……We put a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail to see what the fuel pressure was doing at that point. Low and behold, soon as the car reached the top of 3rd, the needle “fluttered”. What that means, I am not sure as it still did have what looked like, decent fuel pressure. [Confused] The owner of the shop, Brandon (who was a super nice guy) said it is possible I was running out of injector, but more a fuel pump issue. Not sure….

I have decided to go the SL55 fuel pump route and be done with it. After all, my current pump does have 52k miles on it so it wouldn’t hurt to change it…..I am praying this solves the lean conditions on top. The car has more in it and the current tune definitely needs to be tweaked as I am running higher octane and meth. We should see some nice numbers once we can get the lean condition to subside, add a bit of timing etc…..

I just felt it was necessary to thank all of these people that are going out of their way to help me out. Thanks guy! We are not there, but we will get this right eventually


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Ok guys, I just got in and it was a great day. I am glad I made the drive down and enjoyed meeting all of you.Jerry, Tony, Jason and all of the support group were excellent.I enjoyed watching each of you get the results of your tunes. I think everyone left with big grins on their faces

After you all left, they let that beautiful SL 55 AMG cool fo 20 minutes and it posted 498 whp on the last pull. Then the M3 made 381 whp on it’s pull.

So, after watching all of you all day long……..I just had to find out what #’s my car would make. Drum roll please:

Before: 351.1 whp 336.1 torque
After: 364.0 whp 357.1 torque

Thanks again everyone for a great day!

– Bigkid

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First I want to thank Everyone at Eurocharged! I’m very satisfied with the quality of work I received and the dedication of Tony to insure that I had the best tune(s). My roadster is now officially a monster (without the NOS) [Surprised] They took the time to create two different files for my computer and after 1/2 a tank of gas and 2 1/2 10# bottles of NOS later all I have to do is send the computer back to have it partitioned they will be able to load both files without having to retune on a Dyno.

It was great meeting everyone at the shop Saturday. Matt I have a new friend!

It’s 104F and 80% humidity in New Orleans so I think I’ll just go back to bed and get some rest. I got back to New Orleans around 6AM this morning.
aka “the Crazy Cajun” (Franc and Doc’s doing) [Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)]

– tri_zombie

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My experience with Eurocharged and Jerry…

Before buying a C32 I had everything planned out for exactly what I wanted to do it. While researching for hours and hours and hours on end, I came across a company that seemed to have good customer service and even better reviews of their products from fellow members, Eurocharged.

When modding my car I felt it was best to go with all the accessories necessary to make it run as efficient and safely as possible with the 185mm pulley and tune. First getting the Heat Exchanger from Eurocharged, I noticed a small increase over stock being able to maintain lower temperatures in combination with the Needswings Intercooler Isolation kit. Next was an intake, throughout all the reading of old threads and debates I decided to go with the SL55 intake. Definite power increase over stock on the butt dyno.

Recently I ordered the 185mm pulley and tune combo from Eurocharged along with the Pulley Saver Kit from Needswings….

I sent my ECU out to Jerry to get it tuned, two days later I get it back. More excited than ever I go to put my ECU back in to drive a little ways to install my pulley and PSK, but the car wont start…..I unplugged the ECU and plugged it back in and tried it again, with nothing working but the aux fan going on full speed. I immediately call Jerry and explain to him the problem, after a couple hours of troubleshooting we came to the conclusion that the ECU must have come in contact with some sort of magnet or something in the shipping process that cleared the ECU program. So, I overnight it back to Jerry.

I get my ECU back on the 3rd of January and once again more excited than ever, I go to install it and same thing! Nothing, the car will not start and nothing but the aux fan goes on. I spent probably a total of about 6-8hours throughout this process with Jerry on the phone. Frustrated, and unsure of what the problem could be, explaining how he checked and double checked, and triple checked the ECU before he sent it out, wrapped it in two static bags and sent it back out to me, it couldn’t be the ECU…

Jerry then overnighted me a chord and spent a couple hours with me setting up my computer so he could tune my car online to be sure everything was working. At this point luck was definitely not on my side, the computer would not detect the USB chord and we had no luck after hours of help and three different computers, no luck.

It had been about 8 days now for me without a car, frustrated as ever it was easy to blame anyone and everyone for why my car wasn’t running. Jerry was there for all of my troubles answering my phone calls late at night, overnighting the cable and ECU back to me a couple times. Our last option was to have a fellow customer of his (Steve) drive up about an hour from San Diego to tune my car online with a tuning laptop, Jerry even covered the cost to get him up there! With the help of Steve, we noticed that one of the connectors on the ECU was not getting clicked all the way down. While I pushed in all of the plugs in to the ECU, Steve cranked the car and VUALA! It started.

You may be thinking, why the HELL didn’t you check the connectors and wires before? Answer, I did many times, and it all appeared to be in correctly and snap in perfectly without and force. One connector just wasn’t locking in completely which caused the car to have no response. I felt like the biggest idiot for wasting so much of Jerry’s time and money, but he reassured me not even he thought it would be a connector issue because of how meticulously and correct I was plugging them in.

Long story short, Eurocharged and Jerry especially have me as a customer for life. Their customer service displayed by Jerry shows how genuine and passionate they are about their services. Jerry went above and beyond anything I would have expected from a company, hours of phone calls, online support, even people to come to my house to help me out! I cannot express my gratitude to them enough, they are an AMAZING company and would recommend them to anyone.

Two hours after getting the car started I had my 185mm pulley and PSK installed, needless to say this car is BEAST now!! Spun the tires from a 50roll on the freeway last night

Thanks again Eurocharged and Jerry and Jake for all the outstanding customer service and help in unleashing this beast under the hood!!

– C_DirtyTwo

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Another Jerry/LET tune! Joining the 12s club

Yes, I finally got my Christmas present . The Jerry’s tune finally arrived. Shipped it out Monday and got it back Wednesday eve. I installed it and took it for a drive. I did not feel any big different (hunger for power) but the wheels span all the time . I knew my gut dyno couldn’t tell anything so I took out my G-Tech, ran to the empty street that I used to test when having new mods, but damn… it somehows wasn’t that empty last night. I could only manage to do 1 1/4 run and 2 0-60mph runs. I screwed all my runs since so much wheel spins. All 0-60 are 4.7-4.9s/12.9s while I had 4.6s/13.14s before the tune

The ¼ mile run (the only 1 run with all wheel spins to the 2 gear) was
2.237s 60ft
4.7s 0-60mph
8.59s 1/8mi @89.71mph
12.91s 1/4mi @ 114.22mph (is this the same trap speed with stock E55?)

This was at see level, street tire normal pressure, 45F
Code3 pulley + Intake + Filter
Modified intake manifold
Eurocharged tune

All the three runs were showing very much same power. Compare to the best run before the tune, the peak gain was 40 whp/ 48 wtrq. It was 30+ whp and 40+ wtrq gains all the curve.

Man, this gain is really sucked for the wheel spin. I have to re-learn to launch the beast now. I do believe I could manage this beast to very mid-low 12s/117-118mph. Keep you an update if I can.

Thank you Jerry/Eurocharged.

PS: this info is based on G-Tech data. I just want to share what I have. Please do not quote. I am looking for more power

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As far as my tune, I was very happy with the results. I know my car is probably not the strongest and I don’t need the highest dyno numbers anyway. Most importantly Tony was ably to smooth out my power delivery, giving me about 10 more HP in the low end, about 5 more through out the midrange and about 28 in the high end. So altho my peak numbers didn’t go up a huge amount, the car is definitely noticeably faster and I’m very happy.
Also, this was a retune from last time when there was a ton of heatsoak and now I installed Eurocharged headers.

I think the last time I Dyno’d back in May, I did 294 RWHP and 303 Ft lbs of torque. Yesterday I baselined at 328 Hp and 363 Torque. After a few runs of tuning, I actually forget my final number, but I think it was 343 HP and 355 torque. Again, I picked up a ton of power in the high end which I notice a great deal. I was mostly looking at the graph deltas more than end numbers.

Again, Thanks to Eurocharged and Tony for coming out again for a great Dyno tune day and everyone else for showing up. It is always great meeting everyone and putting names to handles. Seeing some really cool cars.

Entertainment for the day was clearly IIIMBPIII and his SLK55 with only primary cats. Crazy loud at WOT! I’d LOL each time they ran it. I’ll post a clip if it’s OK with him

– Gramma_Benz

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Let and ecspecially Jerry is the sh*t

i had my 03 c32 stage one tuned by Jerry, and all i can say is wow. these cars are quick stock, but this tune is like night and day, and with the group buy, its the best 500 bucks you could ever spend on the 32. thanks again!


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**** Update Thursday: Got my “JerryTune” LET ECM Installed on my C32.

Remember, I also have the Code III intake, Code III pulley and KNs, Sprintbooster and some other minor modes. The reason I am so upset is that Jerry did not TELL me I would be needing new rear tires for the car about every 2,000 miles. THE LET Tune is truly unbelievable and so dialed in, you’ll feel like you have a different car . Kudos to Jerry at LET for a great tune. Thanks to C32Used for the referral. In fact, Jerry was kind enough to take a ride with me and the back end did NOT want to stay put. This is even before the car has had a chance to learn the new tune. We only went about 4 miles and the car is ridiculous!! Its his first time with the Code III SC Pulley and I think our highest expectations of the tune and the pulley were met. When LET says they produce some of the most feared C32s on the road, I believe them.

On the way home, in an industrial park, I tried to launch with the ESP off and all the way through first and well into second, the car just spun (and it was hot and dry here today). Good for me, bad for tires!!! Can you imagine a 50 degree day. No problems with IAT’s (keeping an eye on that too).

Next step now is the 178 Cranker with the CODE III pulley.

*** Word of advice for those guys who are running the Code III pulley. You may be running lean (as I was) due to great increase in air versus fuel. You may need to retune the ECM to get more fuel (run richer) in there. Thanks Jerry for your prompt service, excellent advice and great customer service.

– Newzchspy

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Please pardon my newbie post, but…

OK, I lurk here a lot because there’s a ton of great info on the C32 forum for SLK32s. So recently, after reading all the positive feedback from members on the LET Motorsports custom ECU tune, I decided to take the plunge, particularly since LET offerred a group buy on the tune. Well I talked to Jerry at LET, sent my ECU, got it back super quick, slapped it in and HOLY CRAP, BATMAN…my ’32 is a different car. I am running a Code 3 SC pulley and intake mod, which gave my car a significant boost, but the LET tune feels like it has more than doubled the gain I saw from those mods. If you are at all on the fence about this mod, just do it. You will NOT be disappointed. Kudos to Jerry and the guys at LET!

– CKovach

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Eurocharged Performance, Jake, you rock!

So I recently ordered my 185mm Crank Pulley kit from Jake (Loungn14) at www.Eurocharged.com

My kit included the OEM crank bolt, water pump pulley, the new upgraded bearing for the idler pulley, the idler pulley itself, and the beast: the huge crank pulley. my buddies and I were installing the crank pulley in our shop/garage this week. Started installing it on Tuesday. We ran into a little difficulty getting the impact wrench to the crank pulley, so I called Eurocharged for some advice. I left a voicemail. 10 minutes later, Jake called back and gave me advice and left me with his cell phone number in case I can’t get through to anyone else in the shop. What a guy….thats dedicated to customer support, giving out his personal cell phone number to me… Anyway, I called him several times that day to verify tq specs and answer all of my annoying questions (probably called him on 5 separate occasions).

My buddies and I ran into a little trouble on the install because of a slight wobble. I spoke with Jake and he reminded me to torque down those bolts on the pulley (which we forgot to do) which should fix the problem. So yesterday (Wednesday), we went back to fix the wobble, Then we couldn’t figure out exactly what size they were and Jake spoke with the people in his shop to double triple check we were using the correct bit/key to tighten it down so as not to strip. As we were torquing them down to the tq spec, the unexpected happened: the hex bolt snapped! yes, snapped in half. half of the hex bolt was in my hand and the other half in the pulley. CRAP! What do I do?

I called Jake…..left a voicemail on his cell phone. He called me back and I explained the scenario to him. He said I could just bring it to a shop and they can easily remove the bolt and replace it with the same size one and everything would be ok……but then the pause…..

he says “nevermind that. i’m going to overnight you a brand new crank pulley with those bolts tightened down just in case. i want this to be perfect. no mistakes.”…..

wow……overnighting me the 11lb pulley? something like 170 bucks….it gets better….I offered to split the shipping b/c that is SO absurd of a price and I felt really bad about it……idk why the bolt snapped as we werent near the 35 ft/lbs required for the bolt (at 22ish) but i’m sure my buddies and i obviously had to have done something wrong for this to happen…….

but then he said “no. i’ll cover the whole thing. no worries.” I asked him several more times to let me at least split it, but he just wouldn’t let me. What a great guy and a great company. He is overnighting me another crank pulley to the shop my car is currently at.

I simply cannot say enough about this experience. Jake and Eurocharged gave me EXCELLENT customer service: quickly returning calls, giving advice, and offering to overnight out a whole new crank pulley so i can have peace of mind and not even let me split shipping cost? oh did I mention Jake had a sick child when I called him on his cell phone Wednesday night and he still made the time to get back to me? That’s customer support.

Jake and Eurocharged Performance: You rock! I cannot being to say how appreciative and thankful I am for what you have done for me….and now I can still be ready for my dyno tune this Saturday!

– jturkel

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From: mike sweeney
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 17:28:31 -0500
Subject: Tuning

Hi Tony,

I don’t know if you remember me, you tuned my c32 a few weeks ago in the bay area, I was actually the last car you tuned for the day. Just wanted to let you know I am very satisfied with the tune. The power increase in very noticeable, and I also enjoy the little increase in the MPGs. I’ve been thinking about a 2.5″ exhaust, but I’ve heard that getting an exhaust after a tune will actually decrease my power. I just wanted to know what you opinion on the situation was. Thank again for the tune, phenomenal.

Eurocharged SLK32 tuning- fixing others issues

This is my car. The whole story is that I had Renntech pulley, cams, and ECU and the car was working fine… strong. I wanted to get headers done but the only way was custom. So I took the car to Arizona… had the headers and exhaust made and upgraded the intercooler, adding a remote reservoir. Car was a little stronger but the A/F was too lean. Tried many things to fix it including having Renntech work on it but no luck, still lean. Sent the car to Vadim, he rebuilt the headers and added the custom intake which I think he did a good job of getting done. But the tune was way off. He sent me data showing 12:1 but the car was not running that and the top end was just flat.. the car felt off.

After tiring of it, a friend (430) recommended Eurocharged. I talked to Jerry and decided to drive to Houston from Tallahassee. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did that. The A/F issue is resolved and the car is an absolute beast now. Jerry test drove it when we were done and he said that traction control was flashing through 60 mph on a 95 degree day. It was in the low 90s in the shop when we did the last pulls.

It was so refreshing to finally find someone who know how to tune a car and will talk to you about it. The car has come alive and is completely different now. It was easily worth the 2 days of driving, there and back for me to have the car running well.

Jerry and Eurocharged, thank you so much for the excellent job and I can’t give you a high enough recommendation. The car is running great now… I feel like I am finally getting the power out of the mods. I have beyond pleased with the results. I paid much more for the Renntech and Vadim (Power?) tune and the results with Eurocharged are way better. The 22 hp gain is just peak. If you look at the before and after, the average gain is more. The car feels like it pick up much more than 22 hp.

Again, a big thanks to Jerry and Eurocharged and 430 for the recommendation.

The car also has Renntech brakes (brembo) and the monolites which I think are Sachs wheels.

– SteveL

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My Eurocharged Story

It all started with the wife’s w203 c180k ,a not so reliable daily driver wanting a little more power as if you have driven one it is lacking substantially. I was considering the Kleemann k-box which had excellent gains for this particular car however like all Benz owners… wanted an AMG. Having a company car for my daily driver I needed to step into something more spirited for the weekend. Gone the 180k and into a 2002 C32. The power bug became very real and was hooked immediately. Within the first month of ownership I needed more…Enter eurocharged… after installing a PLM HE and isolation kit, cm30 pump, magnacor leads, denso plugs and sprint booster it was all for the preparation of a 181 pulley from eurocharged. First step the infamous Jerry tune and eurotuner. Once I got it and Jerry had sent me the tune I allocated a late night so I would be on Texas time if something went wrong….that was the only thing that went right for me that night. Plugged in the euro tuner and away it went…then stopped….then crashed….car dead. Called up Eurocharged and both Jerry and Adam were immediately assisting me. Very impressed as I was freaking out of course. The battery had reached minimum level when installing the tune therefore defaulted, flashbooster crashed or stopped and ecu erased. Not good… the only way to reflash the ecu was with the remote cable. I didn’t have one so Adam posted one express that night(day Texas) and no charge for the cable. I have been reading MBworld religiously on a daily basis and have never heard of anywhere else that extends such customer service. Even though car was dead in a garage on the other side of the world they put my mind at ease. That was until I started researching whilst waiting for the cable (couple of days) in this I was sourcing a replacement ecu and reading horror stories of dealer only able to reflash ecu (vin coded big $). With the battery, charger and rental car it was adding up to more than the tune and eurotuner and the icing on the cake; I had the nagging from the wife about the rental car. This has no reflection on eurocharged it was simply “the way the cookie crumbles.” So…a new battery in and a good car charger to keep the volts on maintain so there was no possibility of repeat. Once the cable was in my possession again hit up Eurocharged for a Frankenstein rebirth… Adam and Jerry again all over it and car fired up and alive. Tried the eurotuner and had a couple of hiccups until it fired through and car was tuned. It was about 3am when all done. Jerry and Adam allocated a good couple of hours for this again so mostly likely I had used a total of 4hours of their time since the first encounter. I pay a mechanic $80-120phr of his time to play with the car and I am sure that Eurocharged had scheduled other vehicles but gave mine priority. Out for a drive and didn’t get back home till 6am…shower then work. I was on a high that would have impressed hippies… car was breaking loose everywhere. Great fun playing with the HSV’s.

181 pulley idea out the window and jumped on the new pulley that they are shipping this week…

A month later the tanny jerk was back in full force and with reserved confidence I popped the hood charger on maintain for the battery and began to reflash the car…..at 15% it stopped. My heart sank. It was 0800hrs in the morning Australian time on a Sunday. The dreams of roaring around on a sunny Sunday shattered. Being about 0530hrs Texas time I shot off an email to Jerry with a plea of help and added my 2cents of frustration. Walked to the bus stop as I was off to get another rental car for the wife. Cursing away at the bus stop the blackberry chimes an email from Jerry….An apology and the golden words ”Would you like to fix it now” Hell yes. Back at the car Jerry waved his magic wand and car alive again. (Reinstalled stock ecu) It was determined that the error maybe the eurotuner or the usb cable. Jerry advised that a replacement would be sent out however I declined and added that I would send it back and swap it for a TCU tune when remote compatible. Done deal.

With all this dribble that I have just posted, the conclusion is: even with the worst luck imaginable Eurocharged went well above and beyond in address and resolving the issues with prompt action. I have to recommend these guys with absolute sincerity. Jerry if you read this: Thank you and hopefully the beer money found you well.

– MacBryanie

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I am another one who was very pleased with the tune. For my car, after the tune it ran .35 tenths quicker in the 1/8 mile posting a best of 8.07 at 90 mph with street tires in sport mode. I’m confident it would run high 7’s with some sticky tires. Throttle response is much more aggressive. Great dollar per horsepower value.

– Ontheline

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They tuned my Gallardo and my c63 .. Both Jerry and mike from eurocharged Canada are great to deal with. My c63 baseline was 340whp and after just tune I dynoed 409whp. Excellent company all around and would use them again if I were to do it again!

– AMGLambo

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+1, there’s a definite increase in response and pull according to my butt dyno. And a slight boost to MPG as well, not sure how that happens Best $750 mod I have ever brought. Eurocharged was a breeze to work with as well.

– cptdaz

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Jerry (owner of Eurocharged) is a super nice guy! I had a small issue with a car UNrelated to his business and he came over to my house, on a Sunday, to help me diagnose and fix the problem. He did this at no charge, not knowing me from a stranger, and then wouldn’t accept any payment from me for the help. He is stand up, super knowledgeable, and I plan to give him my business when I am ready to do a tune on my C63.

– houstonT

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Got the Eurocharged tune over the holidays!

I got myself a nice X-mas present this year; a Eurocharged tune!! I was up in Chicago visiting family for the holidays and arranged for Jerry at Eurocharged to meet me at their shop on the morning of the 26th. First off, my thanks to Jerry for coming out on a very cold and snowy day, especially since the shop was closed for the holidays; what GREAT customer service!

Jerry was very helpful in explaining what the tune was going to do, allowed me the option to make any changes to the tune that I wanted (I elected to stay with their “standard” parameters as it gave me everything that I was looking for) and talk about cars in general. The tuning process took about 1.5 hours, but the extra time was to allow Jerry to double check the file several times due to me not having the car on hand so we could plug the ECU back into the car to ensure that everything was good to go.

I re-installed the ECU yesterday and the car fired right up. It was well below freezing so the road was no good to really get on the gas without a tune much less with the tune, I would have just sat and spun the tires. I was able to drive around in Comfort mode to get a sense how the car reacts under normal driving conditions and am happy to report that it drives just as it did as stock keeping the car a great daily driver. The only thing that I noticed was that the shifts were a little firmer then stock, but nothing that took away from the easy daily driver I am used to when tooling around in traffic.

Today it finally got above freezing but not by much so I was not able to do any meaningful low speed acceleration comparisons to stock, but the car does feel more responsive even with minimal throttle input. I was however able to get the car out on the highways to test the tune at higher speeds and that is where the fun begins

I was able to drive on a 6 lane highway with minimal traffic and road surfaces that are not too beat up. This is where I discovered what the Eurocharged tune has allowed the car to become Unfortunately the state and local police were out everywhere (I saw 6 of them in the first 15 miles of my drive) so I had to keep the speed at a pace that I could bail out of if I was ambushed by one of our friends in blue.

From speeds of 60-70mph the car just takes off as soon as you hit the gas, I tried it in Comfort/Sport/Manual and the results were consistent, as soon and you hammer it, the car jumps and you’re off! The car pulled so quickly from 60-100 that it shocked me it has so much better response and power from just a tune. I did about 15-20 runs up like this with no stress to the car noticed. The temperature range stayed in what I have seen to be the normal range with the stock tune under hard driving and of course no CEL or other issues popped up.

After getting off the highway and back onto surface streets I tried to see what the car does from 20-30 mph launches and the traction control went nuts. I know that the cold streets are an issue so I will have to wait until it warms up some to try to get some decent traction for street launches.

Having now put on about 50 miles I am comfortable that I got what Eurocharged promised and more. I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can further explore what Eurocharged has allowed the car to become.

Next step is to take out the charcoal filters which Jerry tells me is good for at least another 8-10 HP on their dyno; I just need to find the right hex bit to do the task. I am planning to attend a meet this spring that Emoving is hosting up in Columbus and will get a dyno at the event. I did not get a before dyno so the after dyno will just allow me to see what the car is doing after tune and filter removal.

Overall a great experience and purchase that I highly recommend.


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2009 c63 LET/Eurocharged tune results

Well everyone, we’re finally done with V1 of the C63 tune. Sorry this writeup took longer than everyone (including me) wanted, but I worked with Jerry and Tony at LET/Eurocharged through a couple of revisions. We wanted the tune to be perfect and it really is. First about the shop – the guys there are fantastic. Everyone is a pleasure to deal with, professional and knowledgeable in their craft. While waiting for the dyno on my first trip I got to watch them custom tune a CLK55. The numbers they got over other people’s work were astonishing. The car wasn’t so bad itself – hats off to the owner from the east coast.

When everyone talks about the Dyno Dynamics being a heartbreaker, they aren’t kidding. After strapping my car on we managed to get a whopping 330.7. For a 451 stock crank figure – that’s pretty crappy eh? But again, it’s not about the figure, but the delta.

Well the delta is pretty darned impressive for a pure software tune. As you can see in the graph, changes are made across the board and increase dramatically over 4700 RPM. Of course torque is tweaked as well and there we see an almost constant add on of power.

So in the end – the 330.7 baseline dyno’d at 371.1. That’d be 40 – yep forty – ponies up on a DD dyno. Doing some math that’s 505.96 crank HP – on an increase of 55 hp. Torque at the rear is now up to 380 peak at around 4500RPM. Numbers aside, you can really feel the difference. Breaking traction in 2nd isn’t a problem, in fact it’s going to take some getting used to launching more gently. Gear shifts are firmer and happen very quickly, as the gent from Vegas mentioned perhaps a bit too harsh – let’s see what adaptation will do and then reassess (not really an issue for me as I drive M most of the time). Crappiest thing about this tune? I have to get my teeth bleached because I’m grinning all day and might as well have white teeth to show for it.

I’ll be spending some more time with Jerry, Tony and the gang over the next couple of months (yep, taking winter wheels off to dyno – it’s a dirty job, but for you guys, I’ll do it ) we’ll continue to develop this.

So in short – value 10, customer service 10, product 10. Highly recommended.

(and thanks Jerry, Tony, Jake, Andy, Greg and anyone else I may have missed).

– Peet

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I actually got the tune literally a few hours ago. The guys came to my house at the last minute this morning and did the tune. See the Atlanta thread.

Went for a second drive and just got back. Although I didn’t get a dyno, I have no doubt that there are some SERIOUS improvements over stock. I’ve been driving my car every day since I got it in Feb. to the tune of 19,000 miles as of today. Its my daily driver. It dried up here a little in Atlanta, so I went out for another drive. Here is what I noticed right off the bat:

1. Significant feeling of “pull” on acceleration, every gear all the way through redline (got up to about 140 before I backed off from a dead stop.) TQ and HP numbers are definitely up over stock. I can tell under normal driving by the tires breaking lose when they didn’t in the past. I know the roads and the car very well after 19K miles of driving them, and I know how the car reacts during my daily drive.

2. Redline seems a little higher. Tach actually goes into the beginning of red before shift.

3. Firmer shift, especially in the lower gears.

4. More responsive throttle with less lag when you slam the peddle to the floor before the car wakes up and responds to the throttle input.

5. Harder shifting in C mode than stock.

6. VERY hard acceleration from 2-3 gear. It seems that if you are in 3rd gear, put the throttle to the floor, when the tranny drops to second you feel the strongest amount of acceleration all the way to redline over any other gear. I had a hard time keeping the tires from braking loose even on dry pavement. With cold tires or damp pavement, you are definitely going to be fighting traction control.

7. Under wet or damp conditions, you WILL break the tires loose in 4th gear when dropping from 5th when you step on the gas. Happened every single time. Car never did that before, and I have new tires (about 250-300 miles on the rears as of today since new, PZero.)

8. Car seems to shift A LOT more to keep it in the right rev range under driving conditions. Seems as if the motor and trans are actually agreeing what gear to be in.

There’s the cliff notes version. My drive was about 20 miles. I’ll update as soon as I get a couple hundred miles down and let the ECU adjust itself. Probably by Wed of this week I’ll have a good 300 miles or so down.

In general, this tune is DEFINITELY worth the money, and a no brainer, even without a dyno sheet I’m more than happy with what I got. Don’t have anything to compare to (i.e. Kleemann vs. this) but I’m happy enough that I’m not going to second guess getting this tune on my next car over something else. Best money I’ve spent so far on the car.

I’m not the tuner type. If I want a fast car, I usually buy it that way and not mess with it. Usually, if I want some thing faster than what I got today, I go buy a different car that is out of the box faster. However, my choice in doing the tune was definitely a good idea.

– Dan

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Just like Ape, I decided to go with the Eurocharged tune last week.
Kudos to Jerry for answering all my questions and responding to calls well past the standard business hours.
I received my ECU on the 31st and decided to go for a test drive. Other than having an encounter with the law (it actually ended well with no speeding ticket), I can attest that the car has a different feel and my butt dyno feels the difference.
The shifts in S and M mode are substantially crisper.
The car responds a bit faster from the inputs from the paddle shifts, I had to wait quite a bit (like counting 1001) to do a second downshift, now the feeling of having to wait is mostly gone (I say mostly because I have driven F430 and the gearbox has instant response)
The car responds much faster to throttle inputs, no more waiting.
I did a 40 to 75mph full throttle passing a vehicle on a two lane road (this is where I got pulled over) and this is where you definitely feel the difference in horsepower. The car just howled past the 4K rpm range.
I will dyno the car over the next few months and post the results on the forum (I did not dyno the car stock but there should be enough data on the forum to get a baseline).
Finally, you just cannot beat the price of Eurocharged.

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Soo… sorry this has taken so long, but I’ll give you guys another update. I went back to the shop so Jerry could re-flash my ecu again with a new much better tune on Friday. I’ve only had a couple of spirited runs on the highway so far, but this tune has transformed my C into a whole different animal. Cold starts sound absolutely vicious, and I don’t have anything done to the exhaust or headers, just this tune and charcoal filter removal. Before the car is even warm and I’m just lugging around for the first few minutes of a commute, there’s already noticeably WAY more torque and responsiveness. Then there’s the torque when you get above 2-3k… It’s out of this World. Obviously there’s more power through-out the rev band too, but the torque is just something else. On entrance ramps I won’t even be in manual mode sometimes and in 4th or 5th gear at under 2k revs the car will just take off when I semi-put my foot down and I’m in triple digit speeds before responsibility even has time to kick in. Accelerating from cruising speeds, again, it’s a whole different car. There’s just so much more attitude to it that the car was missing before, especially above the dreaded 5k rev mark where in stock form the car basically stopped pulling. Talking about it now just makes me want to go out and take a nice cruise instead of making my next class on time… Too bad the winter’s creeping up on us Chicagoans though, don’t know how much longer I’ll get to enjoy this!

– mrc63jg

First off I want say I received great service from Tony @ Eurocharged. I was really nervous about sending my ecu half way across the country. Well I got my ecu back from Eurocharged, great turn around guys! After about 60 miles I can really tell a big difference from stock.
The only thing that surprised me was the change in the shifts. At low speed the shifts seemed a little harsh going from 2 – 3 & 3 – 4th but it think it’s smoothing out. I don’t have a before dyno but the old reliable butt dyno feels a torque kick that was not there before, the car really launches HARD now. I gotta live a little more north of 5k RPMs at speed, hopefully tomorrow. I’m very pleased.
But Jerry calls me and I talk to Tony and he tells he even before I reinstalled the ecu back in the car; to send it back. WTF. Well there maybe a little more to ring out of this tune, ya baby!

To leave this car “bottled-up” and de-tuned to me is some what of a waste. I realize that we maybe playing with fire with the warranty but these tunes will keep these cars within spec. The car is now at a performace level comparable to MB’s other capabile 63 models.

Vegas AMG
– Dan

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ok. just got home, and thought id give my opinion…

Anyone who doesnt have a tune is really missing out on the amazing performance this car has. Greg, Tony were great guys. Very friendly, and professional. The car is now totally different. ITs much more responsive, and has relentless power! It constantly pulls to redline without a hiccup! 3rd gear is insane!This is by far the best money ive spent in along time. I smiled, and giggled to myself the whole hour it took me to get back. I HIGHLY recommend LET/Eurocharged!


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Got my C63 tuned today.. Absoluetly AMAZING!.. Its like a different car. Big thanks to Greg, and Tony.. Eurocharged FTMFW! Looking forward to your future products.

– Walter

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